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Nov 24, 2012 4:30am PST
as social outcasts and some beaten to death. but a new new law before the parliament would the crack down even more. human rights activists say they are outraged. >> less than 48 hours into a fragile cease fire between israel and hamas, a deadly shooting. one young palestinian was killed and many more were wround wounded in a buffer zone near the israeli/gaza border. a week of fighting saw an unlikely coming together. cnn's sara sidner found proof in a hospital in tel aviv. >> 4-year-old yosef is listening to a bedtime story but he's not at home safe in bed. he's in the hospital, a victim of an age old conflict that has shattered his family life. he and his parents were staying inside this apartment building in southern israel when a rocket from gaza slammed into it. the blast sheered off several of joseph's tiny fingers, badly injured his father and took his mother's life. she was among the first to die on the israel side of the border. he was saying my mother is not here. she's with god. he knows it will be a hard time, his grandmother says. hard is putting it mildly. he has just been t
Nov 24, 2012 7:00am PST
gained notoriety for his battles with drug addiction and the law. now he is pronounced dead today at the age of 50. >> for those of us who haven't been following us, just get us up to speed on exactly how this happened, why he was on life support to begin with and where the suspects are. >> early this week, he was with a friend outside of a bar in the early morning hours, at which point there was a passing gunman that opened fire on the car that he was in. it killed his childhood friend. he was shot in the jaw, right in the face. and he was severely injured. initially, doctors said he was expected to survive, but he took a turn for the worst, suffered a heart attack and then suffered a secondary heart attack earlier this morning at about 1:45 and was taken off life support. >> and the gunmen -- and there's another suspect that are still on the run? >> our local affiliate in puerto rico reported there was a shootout nearby, and those gunmen managed to escape after that shootout. i spoke to the puerto rico police department earlier this morning. they didn't have an update for me on
Nov 24, 2012 5:00am PST
. if that happens, that's an ethics violation and quite possibly a violation of criminal law as well. >> want to turn to another case potentially affecting a whole lot of people in the workplace. the supreme court on monday is expected to determine workplace harassment rules, and it seems to hinge really on the definition of just this one word, supervisor. what is this all about? >> you know, this is surprisingly important. it sounds like some boring lawyer thing, you know, what's a supervisor, but here's how it plays out. if you are discriminated against or sexually harassed by a supervisor, the employer is automatically responsible. you've got a case, and you have a big pocket because it's going to be the company that you can sue. if the harassment though comes from a fellow worker, not a supervisor, you have a much harder lawsuit. you have to prove the employer knew about it and he was negligent in not curing the condition. now, how that plays out for ordinary people is, for instance, let's say at the office christmas party, which is coming up, somebody gets drunk and sexually harasses you
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3